Dawn ~ Unbreaking THE Egg

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction…”

While butterflies symbolize the transformation of life, they become as iconic of springtime in the west as rabbits which, due to their energetic breeding, have come to represent fertility. Rabbits are the animal token of Germanic goddess, Eostre [Eos in Greek] – origin of the Christian term Easter, and of the word estrogen – the hormone associated with female sexual & reproductive agency. The Easter narrative itself centers around Christianity’s Europatriarchal savior who’s said to have been crucified by the political powers of his day, and then physically resurrected from this death within 3 days through heavenly powers – hence the religion’s cooptation of Spring as the time of Easter in northern hemisphere countries where this narrative resonates best with the annual cyclic witnessing of one’s natural/organic environment becoming warmed and regenerated after each cold “sleep/death” Winter season.

The narrative lines between Christianity and paganism also blur with the ritual of Easter Bunnies who, because of their energetic breeding traits, are tasked as the “deliverer” of decorative eggs which may yield fluffy chicks or some other chocolatey goody. Easter Bunnies join a large cast of cartoon rabbit characters many grew up fondly with: Roger… Peter Cottontail… Benjamin Bunny… the Flopsy Bunnies… Bre’er Rabbit… Bambi’s Thumper the Velveteen Rabbit… Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit… Bugs Bunny… Oswald… One might add the Duracell & Energizer Bunnies to this roster. From bedtime fairytales to Mother Goose rhymes… to Disney & Warner Bros caricatures… to battery ads… to Easter egg hunts, masses have been seduced & groomed through such cute but de-natured commercial assets of largely male-lensed storying that’s won over hearts & minds, even in their darker toxic &/or trickster aspects. And somewhere in this de-naturing/objectifying showbiz trajectory, there’s a Playboy Bunny tie-in… [#MeToo]

The point is, the shadow side of “Easter” is very real. Nakumbuka… I remember feeling some kind of way watching “The Pharaoh’s Golden Parade” that took place in Egypt on April 3rd, 2021. It was the Easter-weekend, and out of curiosity I tuned in to the made-for-TV-&-tourism spectacle of 22 ancient Egyptian mummified royals being relocated from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat. Firstly, I was horrified by the sacrilege of unearthed remains of ancestral African rulers. Secondly, the pridefulness of foreign grave-robbers who packaged this glitzed-out commercial event as if Egypt’s current powers-that-be were providing some noble/stately upgrade (between one tourist venue & the next) after desecrating the t(w)ombs where these royal dignitaries had expected to be honored as their sacred resting place following their 3D sojourn! Thirdly, I found the temerity of exploiting the convenient season of Easter with its widely-proselytized themes of “death & resurrection” in an ultimately self-serving commercial exploit & TV-production grossly narcissistic, patronizing, unholy & macabre on a whole other level! The mummified remains of Pharaohs kidnapped & trafficked during [2021 Gregorian] present-day Egypt’s self-congratulatory event in order of their reign were: King Seqenenre Tao; Queen Ahmose-Nefertari; King Amenhotep I; Queen Meritamun; King Thutmose I; King Thutmose II; Queen Hatshepsut; King Thutmose III; King Amenhotep II; King  Thutmose IV; King Amenhotep III; Queen Tiye; King Seti I; King Ramesses II; King Merenptah; King Seti II; King Siptah; King Ramesses III; King Ramesses IV; King Ramesses V; King Ramesses VI; & King Ramesses IX[#SayTheirNames]

African figurines from the Neolithic period [c9,000-3,000 BCE] laid an ancient & abiding claim to the Divine Feminine as Goddess over Death & Birth – hence Her association with the t/womb where the Mysteries of a seed from the Divine Masculine are transformed into their greater potential through her unique co-Creative Mysteries, including those of Her estrogen body… aka “Eostre/Easter which coincides with the direction of the sunrise/”resurrection.” This ancient symbol of the Egyptian Predynastic Naganda “Bird Lady” [IIa c. 3500-3400 BCE. Brooklyn Museum] was adopted in relatively recent times by a movement in the west [where the sun sets/”dies”] whose focus on Goddess worship and femininity was precipitated by the imbalance created by homo-social, male-dominated religions & narratives such as Christianity. The serpentine spiral in the western silhouette copy represents kundalini energy – a life-force which triggers the formation of the child in the female womb. It also holds the potential to uncoil from the spinal base to awaken an individual’s “3rd-eye” pineal gland to higher, spiritual realms of consciousness, & is depicted as a uraeus – the rearing cobra symbolizing Goddess Wadjet, which was worn symbolically & protectively over the brow of Khemetic royals. These hybrid serpent-bird-goddess icons represent the co-Creative powers of the Goddess as Nurturer, Transformer, Resurrector, & Deliverer of the seed implanted by her Divine Masculine/God.

Someone once said, “May you live to see the Dawn…”  – a time of reawakening, rebirth, & resurrection in the organic rhythm of life and its daily call to adventure, just as the Vernal/Spring Equinox marks an annual threshold in climes where there’s a reawakening from the sleep/”death” of Winter. Although humanity’s Equatorial birthplace between the so-called Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn has different climes, it remains the organic “Genesis” & Revelation” of human archetypes, adventures, and monomyths that are still in play in theaters around the world. Perhaps the most consequential, due to self-aggrandizing Euro-patriarchal appropriations & translations into Christianity, is the myth surrounding Ausar – Divine Masculine/King; Auset – Divine Feminine/Queen; Set – Jealous Antagonist/Murderer/ Chaos-agent/Pillager/Usurper of Heaven-on-Earth’s throne; & Heru – “immaculately” conceived avenging “Savior” who wins back the throne. The Grand-Mother of these individual archetypes whose ultimate purpose is to awaken Humanity to its higher, unity-consciousness – called UbuNtu in the African community – is Tefnut, Khemetic Goddess of the Morning Dew… the Dawn. Tefnut is precursor to Eos, the appropriated Greek version whose later Germanic model Eostre was subsequently marketed as “Easter.” 

A pattern of increasing objectification & commoditizing of Divine African Sovereigns, their sacred Mysteries, & co-Creative roles can be traced over the course of Europatriarchal interpretations of humanity’s foundational narratives. Heartless and profit-driven, industrialism needs alternative narratives – diversionary synthetic messaging that intentionally causes the global masses to turn blind eyes, deaf ears, & atrophying souls to the horrific human injustices being perpetrated in reality. Consumed en masse through the trixterism of industries such as “advertising,” “news,” “entertainment,” & even “religion,” manipulated souls compliantly surrender their agency to an external, elitist, spiritually-vapid, othering” industrial-3D-complex, aka the matrixThe arresting of human potential on behalf of this Europatriarchal-colony/industrial prison-camp built on slavery, (neo)colonialism, apartheid & false controlling narratives [A.I.] represents the prophesied karmic fruits of archetypal agent of chaos, Set. Awakened individuals are potentially S/Heru… S/Hero.

Goddess Hathor [Hwt-hr, meaning ‘Mansion of Heru’] is the sacred Nile River’s original Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. Equated to Sopdet (“She who is Sharp” in Khmt… “Dog Star” Sirius in Greece), in ancient Mysteries Hwt-hr is the highly revered Spiritual Sun” – Divine Feminine Moon & Satellite of God Heru [the Elder], Her Divine Masculine Sun & co-Creator. When depicted as the Nile Goose, Hathor’s neck would be wrapped with a lotus flower – symbol of the Nile’s southernmost Source, Humanity’s inviolable Womb & site of its Resurrection. The Dawn is presently being reconsecrated to usher in Humanity’s Aqua/Golden Age out of lessons learned from preceding grand eras – most recently the Euro-patriarchal Piscean Age of Faith(a) to recalibrate Mother Earth & Humanity’s organic Prime Meridian & Navigational Settings; & (b) to reunite humanity’s Divine Sovereigns, perhaps in accord with their original “twin” pairings at the Dawn of Earth’s Creation. The 2nd wall-relief from Hathor‘s Temple of Dendera is remarked upon largely because of its resemblance to a modern-day light bulb. The Dendera Light, as it’s popularly referred to, is an ancient depiction from the Hermopolis theology which centers around the Ogdoad8 primordial Divine Masculine & Feminine deities of Khmunu [“City of the 8”] whose complementary powers reflect a highly-evolved twin-harnessing of the 4 elements – as well as the Cosmic Egg from which all life was born as an organic projection of Heaven-on-Earth. According to this Hermopolis/Khmunu theology, in a stage known as the first occasion [*Dunand, 2004], the lotus flower from the primordial sea (feminine water/earth elements) of Nun gave birth to the sun god (masculine fire/air elements) Atum-Ra. The lotus flower at the base of this Dendera Light (also pictured around the neck of Hwt-Hr/ Hathor as the Goose), again is symbolic of Upper Khmt, southernmost site of the first occasion …The Dawn of Creation where God reportedly said, Let.There.Be.Light!” [Genesis 1:3] …The Source from where the sacred river begins its northward flow through the Nile ValleyHumanity’s organic Prime Meridian – & westward through the Congo River Basin/ “Drinking Gourd”. The encasing bulb of the Dendera Light represents the field of the universe – Hathor‘s Womb of Time – or the Cosmic/“Golden Egg” within which processes of Creation… Birth… Enlightenment… Resurrection… & Ascension occur and, as depicted by the ascending serpent within, Kundalini Awakens. Originally accessible only to High Priests, the accompanying texts at Dendera warn against the abuse of such knowledge… arguably in correlation with the West African mythology from the Dogon of Mali:

In the beginning, Amma, alone, was in the shape of an egg: the four collar bones were fused, dividing the egg into air, earth, fire, and water, establishing also the four cardinal directions. Within this cosmic egg was the material and the structure of the universe, and the 266 signs that embraced the essence of all things. The first creation of the world by Amma was, however, a failure. The second creation began when Amma planted a seed within herself, a seed that resulted in the shape of man. But in the process of its gestation, there was a flaw, meaning that the universe would now have within it the possibilities for incompleteness. Now the egg became two placentas, each containing a set of twins, male and female. After sixty years, one of the males, Ogo, broke out of the placenta and attempted to create his own universe, in opposition to that being created by Amma. But he was unable to say the words that would bring such a universe into being. He then descended, as Amma transformed into the earth the fragment of placenta that went with Ogo into the void. Ogo interfered with the creative potential of the earth by having incestuous relations with it. His counterpart, Nommo, a participant in the revolt, was then killed by Amma, the parts of his body cast in all directions, bringing a sense of order to the world. When, five days later, Amma brought the pieces of Nommo‘s body together, restoring him to life, Nommo became ruler of the universe. He created four spirits, the ancestors of the Dogon people; Amma sent Nommo and the spirits to earth in an ark, and so the earth was restored. Along the way, Nommo uttered the words of Amma, and the sacred words that create were made available to humans. In the meantime, Ogo was transformed by Amma into Yurugu, the Pale Fox, who would always be alone, always be incomplete, eternally in revolt, ever wandering the earth seeking his female soul.

One has to be culturally discerning when seeking light from Christian sources. In my case, biblical lessons were taught by “knowledge”-industry programmers (pastors, teachers, etc.) as the “spiritual” component that was needed to affirm whitewashed “historical” narratives justifying slavery [1619-]; colonialism [1884-]; apartheid [1948-]; & the piracy of Europatriarchal industrial developers – all launched during the now-waning Piscean “Age of Faith.” [**Ref. Miller, Robert J.] For instance, in Genesis1:28: “God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth‘” (NRSV). As a culturally discerning environmental steward & pastor translates: “First the word “subdue.” In Hebrew this is kabash. You can’t get around it; it does mean… “enslave,” and even in the harshest instances “molest” or “rape”Ummh, Yurugu/Set better stay in his lane!!! [#MeToo] God Djehuti himself stated: Art thou not aware that Khmt is the image of heaven, or rather, that it is the projection below of the order of things above? If the truth must be told, this land is indeed The Temple Of The World…The enlightenment in this declaration by Djehuti is in profound resonance with the awakened spirit of the Southern Queen to whom the God of Revelation [3:11] says: “Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no one take thy crown.” We meet this Queen of the South as the Shulamite sista – protagonist in the biblical Song of Songs who knows that love is strong as death” [SoS 8:6]. Some other spiritual pearls she drops are, My Beloved is Mine, & I am His: He feedeth among the lillies/lotus flowers. Until the day break, And the shadows flee away…” [SoS 2:16-17] #13031May U Live 2C the Dawn

Refs: (i) *Dunand, Françoise, and Christiane Zivie-Coche. 2004. Gods & Men in Egypt: 3000 BCE to 395 CE. Ithaca: Cornell UP; (ii) **Miller, Robert J. 2019. The Doctrine of Discovery: The International Law of Colonialism. UCLA Sch of Law “Indigenous Peoples’ J of Law, Culture & Resistance” [5: 1]; (iii) Vatican “Apologises” for Helping European Colonizers 

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