Djehuti ~ Re-Membering Heaven



“And if you wish to see the reality of this mystery, then you should see the wonderful representation of the intercourse that takes place between the male and the female… In that moment, the female receives the strength of the male; the male, for his part, receives the strength of the female… For each of them contributes its own part in begetting… And, moreover, they are holy mysteries, of both words and deeds…” ~ Djehuti, beloved consort of Ma’at (see *NOTE below)

Ausar/Osiris/Orion's Belt - heavenly blueprint for the Pyramids of Giza

Ausar/Osiris/”Orion’s” Belt – heavenly blueprint for the Pyramids of Giza

“Art thou not aware that Egypt is the image of heaven, or rather, that it is the projection below of the order of things above? If the truth must be told, this land is indeed the temple of the world. Nevertheless there is one thing thou must know. A time will come when it will seem that the Egyptians have adored the Gods so piously in vain, and that all their holy invocations have been barren and unheeded. Divinity will quit the earth and return to heaven, forsaking Egypt, its ancient abode, and leaving the land widowed of religion and bereft of the presence of the Gods. Strangers will fill the earth…

“O Egypt! Egypt! There will remain of thy religions only vague legends which posterity will refuse to believe; only words graven upon stones will witness to thy devotion! The Scythian, the Indian, or some other neighboring barbarian will possess Egypt! Divinity will return to heaven. Humanity, thus abandoned, will wholly perish, and Egypt will be left deserted, forsaken of men and of Gods!

The Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy

“To thee I cry, O most sacred River, to thee I announce the coming doom!… Egypt, once the holy land beloved of the Gods and full of devotion for their worship, will become the instrument of perversion, the school of impiety, the type of all violence. Then, filled with disgust for everything, man will no longer feel either admiration or love for the world. He will turn away from this beautiful work, the most perfect alike in the present, the past, and the future. nileNor will the languor and weariness of souls permit anything to remain save disdain of the whole universe, this immutable work of God, this glorious and perfect edifice, this manifold synthesis of forms and images, wherein the will of the Lord, lavish of marvels, has united all things in a harmonious and single whole, worthy forever of veneration, of praise and love!

“…O lamentable separation between the Gods and men!

monsanto-tomato“Then there will remain only evil demons who will mingle themselves with the miserable human race, their hand will be upon it impelling to all kinds of wicked enterprise; to war, to rapine, to falsehood, to everything contrary to the nature of the soul. The earth will no longer be in equilibrium, the sea will no longer be navigable, in the heavens the regular course of the stars will be troubled. Every holy voice will be condemned to silence; the fruits of the earth will become corrupt, and she will be no more fertile; the very air will sink into lugubrious torpor. Such will be the old age of the world; irreligion and disorder, lawlessness, and the confusion of good men.

Djehuti order and balance“When all these things shall be accomplished, then the Lord and Father, the sovereign God who rules the wide world, beholding the evil ways and actions of men, will arrest these misfortunes by the exercise of His divine will and goodness. And, in order to put an end to error and to the general corruption, He will drown the world with a deluge or consume it by fire, or destroy it by wars and epidemics, and thereafter He will restore to it its primitive beauty; so that once more it shall appear worthy of admiration and worship, and again a chorus of praise and of blessing shall celebrate Him Who has created and redeemed so beautiful a work. This re-birth of the world, this restoration of all good things, this holy and sacred re-habilitation of Nature will take place when the time shall come which is appointed by the divine and ever-eternal will of God, without beginning and always the same.”

Ma'at ~ Beloved of Djehuti

Ma’at ~ Beloved Consort of Djehuti

[*NOTE: This post represents Hermes Trismegistus’ words to Asclepius regarding Egypt as a copy of Heaven; refinery/matrix of mankind; and as a prophetic mystery symbolized by the divine feminine and masculine union (Ubuntu)… Hermes “Trismegistus” (thrice majestic/magi-king) is the Greek syncretism of their god Hermes (messenger) with the original Egyptian god Djehuti/Thoth. DJEHUTI – word-magician, scribe, messenger, and beloved consort of goddess Ma’at who represents truth, balance and heavenly order – is said to be the wisest of the Egyptian Gods. It was Djehuti who helped Auset/Isis resurrect Ausar/Osiris, and who drove the poison out from Heru/Horus (posthumously-conceived son of Ausar and Auset) during his deadly battle against evil uncle Set. (Set – god of the desert, foreigners, disorder, and violence – had murdered, dis-membered, and scattered pieces of his brother Ausar’s body in his bid to usurp the Egyptian throne.) In this excerpt, Djehuti troubles the waters of the “most sacred River” Nile which flows like the Milky Way from humanity’s cradle to its flowering in Egypt. The Source of the Nile – at the organic cradle of human existence – represents god’s beloved African goddess/consort.  She, in a ritual related to Auset-Ausar’s and in concert with Ma’at, needs to be consciously re-membered and restored to Her divine standing at Source. In Eden. Uhuru! Hotep… M]

Absalom Aggrey Mombo Mutere AKA "Bimbo" (1955 - 2010)

Absalom Aggrey Mombo Mutere AKA “Bimbo” (1955 – 2010)

In memoriam: “Here’s to you on your B’Earth’Day, Bro… I’Sis miss you!”

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