I often think of African space-time as a dancefloor because I resonate with the motherland’s oral traditions in a particular way when I’m exploring and navigating Her southern hemisphere frequencies within the global arena. I’m most grateful to those cultural custodians who’ve carried me on wings of song, connecting me and the human family at large to our soul level, unity-conscious energies of UbuNtu. It has been life-affirming to experience Ascension to timelines where I’ve been met by my guides through the Alkhemy of our ancestral call-response energies in the Drum Circle I innerstand as the BaNtu Waltz. Without losing a beat or step, we’ve even managed to transform heavier energies which pulled up with ill-begotten agendas to turn our ballroom into their bullring – a plaza de toros where two or more got to Tango… ‘nthen some!

Through it all, I’ve become acutely aware of imbalances within my own makeup that complicate this adversarial transaction which I don’t necessarily go looking for, but it somehow ends up finding me. I coined the term BaNtu Waltz as an acknowledgment of that tension where my left-brain labors under the presumptuousness of the colonial programming that was my formal 3D-initiation through high school. The assembly-line lessons were purposely designed to override my essential cultural history, uniqueness & sovereignty with “standards” that had been set up in industrialized, northern hemisphere settings. Nevertheless, my organic DNA stubbornly maintained an active resistance against what Zambia’s post-Independence President Kenneth Kaunda characterized as the “aggressive problem-solving minds” of colonialists. Kaunda followed this observation up by affirming that, in contrast, “Africans experience people.” W.E.B. DuBois, a Harvard Ph.D. and descendant of enslaved Africans in America, wrote of the traumatic “twoness” which this segment of Africa’s fam experience as a psychological consequence of their identification as a “problem” by enslavers needing to justify their historic crimes against African humanity… “two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.”

The Ring Shout became the socio-cultural lingua franca of the Souls of Black Folks after they’d been separated from their linguistic kin by enslavers in America. They nevertheless rehabilitated the ancestral dancefloor upon which to replicate the traditional Circle Dance as a spiritual bonding ritual within this hostile northern hemisphere theater from 1619 onwards. Elsewhere …in Africa’s southern hemisphere, the Toyi-Toyi & Pantsula dances became current from 1948 on as expressions of resistance against the enterprise of Apartheid in South Africa itself. And between these 2 morbidly dark seasons of anti-African oppression, colonialism set out to take the entire continent of humanity’s birth hostage, after Europe’s blatantly racist rubberstamping at their notorious & unforgivable 1884 Berlin Conference. My google search of dances that became current during this period yielded the tangentially related Tango, which manifested over African rhythms in 1880‘s South America. But I digress…

Is an exorcism in order after centuries of Africa’s South-North trauma-bonding [slavery… colonialism… apartheid…]? And/Or are tried-&-true Ma’atadors being called to step forward to release humanity from alien elites who, through these horrific enterprises, have managed to keep all of humanity bound to their 3D-matrixOnce again it’s the ballroom vs. bullring dichotomy, with an added sidenote: All matadors are bullfighters, but not all “bullfighters” are matadors: i.e., Those who succeed in Killing.The.Bull. [aka the BS!]

Ma’at – a seminal goddess in Africa’s Nile Valley Mythology & Alkhemy – is the potential key to not only killing the “bull,” but to erasing the synthetic timelines of Babylon’s false matrix and restoring humanity back to its organic & true Ma’atrix, Temple of the World,Womb of Time… per God Djehuti – her Divine Masculine Counterpart. In this Nile Valley mythology, “the Bull” is represented by Set: god of the desert, chaos, violence, perversion, plague, & oppressionthe constitutional antithesis to Ma’at: goddess of Truth, Balance, Harmony, Reciprocity, Divine Order, Reparations, & Justice. According to the myth, a jealous, greedy, ego-driven Set usurps Khmt’s Heaven-on-Earth throne, murders King Ausar, and scatters his dismembered pieces in the “wilderness” = Africa’s Diaspora, colonial reconstruction, and southern theater of apartheid. Symbolized as a tkhn/obelisk, Ausar‘s emasculated 14th piece is intended to prevent his return as a resurrected god. Mistakenly referred to by some as Cleopatra’s Needle, a number of obelisks were stolen from the motherland and installed in the northern-hemisphere capitals of Rome, Istanbul, Paris, London, & New York City. At least one of Rome’s several stolen obelisks is referred to as St. Peter’s Needle aka the Vatican Obelisk …[Papal Bull?] Standing tall within America’s national & international seat of political power (which is currently undergoing it’s own testing as the world’s so-called beacon of Democracy) is the Washington Monument – a symbolic replica of Ausar‘s manhood that’s named after America’s 1st president, & “owner” of several hundred enslaved Africans… [more bull?]

In the continuing process of decoding & alkhemizing the colonizing spells of secondary “matrix” languages… roots matter. Literally. The Latin root “matr/mater” (meaning “mother”) is the origin of several commonly used English words, including matrix, matriarch, matrimony, matron, maternity, maternal, & material. Somewhat ambiguous, the termmatrix” is defined as “an environment in which something – i.e. matter – develops.” To my mind, in its purest sense, this is the organic safe space of a mother’s womb as nature’s primary alkhemical environment and eventual portal. Upon birth, however, the colonized world is the inverse: a traumatic matrix’ of industrialized Euro patriarchal assembly lines on behalf of which Africa’s spiritual, natural, human, & cultural resources were pillaged, exploited, & reprogrammed for synthetic, low-frequency, traumatic impacts… “unreconciled strivings [&] warring ideals” still in need of Reparations…

A proverb from God/dess Amun/Mut’s Ipet-Resyt Temple advises: If the master teaches what is error, the disciple’s submission is slavery. If he teaches truth, this submission is ennoblement.” Ma’at cannot fight the bull or repair/manifest Divine Order, Harmony, Balance, Justice out of Set’s orchestrated chaos unless she’s in her Truth & on Her sovereign dancefloor. “As Within, So Without… As Above, So Below…”

She must contend with the urgent realization that her own Ma’atrix – humanity’s organic Prime Meridian – remains colonized in 2 key respects: (1) Greenwich England, whose synthetic longitudinal GMT setting dubiously intersects earth’s EQUATOR over the Atlantic Ocean’s triangular slave trafficking routes where millions of African lives were macabrely “lost” during the historic Middle Passage; & (2) Victoria, British colonial monarch & grandmother of Europe for whom humanity’s sacred womb & southernmost source of Mama Earth’s Maziwa Mkuu (Swahili for ‘Great Milk’/Milky Way/Nile River) remains misnamed. Thus, earth’s organic Prime Meridian exists in the false 3D matrix as a neo-colonial outpost, bullring,propofol dispensary, with local compliance! This matrix, which we must step out of conceptually at the very least, has made sleeping giants of us all.

As Ma’at‘s Divine Masculine counterpart proclaimed, “Art thou not aware that Khmt [ancient Nile Valley] is the image of heaven, or rather, that it is the projection below of the order of things above? If the truth must be told, this land is indeed The Temple Of The World…” [“As Above, So Below…”] DjehutiGod of Wisdom, Hieroglyphs/Holy Writing, & Magic – went on to lament a time when this organic Nile Valley Ma’atrix would be forced out of its sacred alignment with the Heavens, thereafter becoming “filled with strangers [&] widowed of the Gods…: To thee I cry, O most sacred River, to thee I announce the coming doom!… Khmt, once the holy land beloved of the Gods and full of devotion for their worship, will become the instrument of perversion, the school of impiety…” [“As Within, So Without…”

Djehuti was sounding a prophetic alarm against the alchemy of the false matrix – a synthetic, low-vibrational, 3D-‘trixterism whose survival depends upon humanity, particularly those from direct African lineages, remaining in the sleep state induced by impious monarchs, enslavers, architects of colonialism & apartheid, and hijackers of African resources – aka “Set”. Misguiding wars which are currently being waged against the Ma’atador in her awakened Truth are only multiplying the karmic debt that has manifested over the centuries. Kwame Nkrumah once said, I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.” So, Set’s wilderness will never be big enough to override the alkhemical coding of mama Africa’s sacred organic resources through which/whom Ma’at’s laws of Reciprocity are destined to come into play as hearts are weighed in her scales.  Justice & Judgement art the foundation of thy throne: Mercy & Truth shall go before thy face [Psalm 89: 14]…”Know ye, that all space is ordered. Only by Order are ye One with the All. Order & Balance are the Law of the Cosmos. Ye shall be One with the ALL.” [Emerald Tablet IV of Djehuti/Thoth]

Alkhemy – the Divine Chemistry [Khmt-Mystery] which began under God Djehuti – is his and Goddess Ma’at’s ongoing collaborative work. As he said, If you wish to see the reality of this mystery, then you should see the wonderful representation of the intercourse that takes place between the male and the female… In that moment, the female receives the strength of the male; the male, for his part, receives the strength of the female… For each of them contributes its own part in begetting… And, moreover, they are holy mysteries, of both words and deeds…”  [Djehuti]. The 42 Principles of Ma’at (precursor to Judeo-Christianity’s “10 Commandments”) are humanity’s oldest written sources of moral & spiritual instruction. Describing the vibe of the world in its “old age” as one of irreligion, disorder, lawlessness, & the confusion of good men,” Djehuti was apparently reflecting on Set’s presence in latter-day 3D matrix classrooms & on the corresponding absence of Ma’at who, like Djehuti, had become an Ascended Master in her own right.

A proverb from God/dess Amun/Mut’s Ipet-Resyt Temple advises: A phenomenon always arises from the interaction of complementarity. If you want something, look for the complement that will elicit it. Set causes Heru. Heru redeems Set. First Dynasty Queens in Khmt bore the title “She Who Sees Heru and Set” – 2 competing archetypes of “good” vs. “evil.” The proverb intends to justify & possibly redeem Set‘s existence as the embodiment of synthetic, lower/shadow frequencies which can, thru one’s choice, be transmuted to their higher potential & organic synergy with light [Heru/Hero]. The mythology adjudicates this evolutionary process thru Heru‘s challenge for Heaven-on-Earth’s throne that was his father Ausar’s prior to Set’s bloody coup & illegitimate rule. Over the years, Heru (Ausar’s posthumously conceived son with widowed wife, Queen Auset), went several rounds against Set in the proverbial bullring. It was Ma’at who ultimately judged in favor of Heru as the triumphant Enlightened One... rightful heir to Khmt’s Heaven-on-Earth throne… 3D-Class.Dismissed.

In the metallic kingdom, alchemists have aspired to transmute base metals such as lead into gold. In the mineral world, it is said that a diamond (like the allegedly stolen Star of Africa), is a piece of coal that handled stress exceptionally well. In that same vein, the Philosopher’s Stone conveys the idea of such higher ends being justified by likely harsh means. Within the spiritual realm, per Ipet-Resyt temple’s proverb, the means require an accelerant [Set] to unwittingly trigger & help in transmuting humanity’s base consciousness through its Ascension into UbuNtuunity consciousness, otherwise known as Enlightenment! In other words, without the bull there would be no Ma’atador. 🎶 🎶

“Only the black woman can say when and where I enter, in the quiet, undisputed dignity of my womanhood, without violence and without suing or special patronage, then and there the whole …race enters with me.” [Dr. Anna Julia Cooper, 1892] Let.No.One.Take.Thy.Crown.🪶 [Rev. 3:11] 🎶🎶 

5 Comments on “MA’ATADOR3

  1. When and where are the afro dance festival would love to attend one are there such events this year?

    • Hi & Welcome @Monic… Depends on where you are? Please let me know if you google any interesting afro dance festival events this year …I’d love to attend too + I’d also appreciate being able to even access an afro dance emoji, let alone a festival! 💃😊☮️ Cheers!

  2. Your writings always spell out the latest weapon that is in play. In this case, the weapon formed against the word “WOKE.” I understand its power now. It is clear why an entire political party whose platform is BS has the word in its crosshairs. Thank You Sis! Thank You for shining the spotlight on us – gently waking us up – when we doze. 🥰

    🔦 “I know you will! Dance, sucker)
    Most of all he needs the funk
    (Shine the spotlight on him)
    Help him find the funk
    (Oh funk me)”

    • Parliament‘s in Session! Puleeeze “Help him find the funk”…🔦Classic! 🙏🏿Thanx for this throwback, & for knowing what time it is, Sis! “Everybody’s gotta live their life under the 🌞”… Vampires might beg to differ tho! 🔦❤️🌞✌🏽…M

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