Motif: Kinetic Orality

Kinetic orality – ‘walking the talk’ or the inseparability of ‘dance’ (enhanced walking) and its ‘music’ (an enhanced form of speech/nommo). In the BaNtu universe of forces, music is understood, transcribed, and socially extended in the dance as the conversational exchange and community dynamics of Call-Response evolve. Kinetic Orality thus facilitates the integration of UbuNtu while transmuting and physically enhancing oral-aesthetic expression, as evident in performances of Black Popular Music…


4 Comments on “Motif: Kinetic Orality

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  3. I feel enhanced by this brief reading. And honestly will admit trying to encompass this any further right now is a little much for my noggin. Haha. I definitely realize the fact that I’m only smart enough to realize how little I know. Hopefully this idea serves me well… Neat stuff, for sure!

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Kelly. I’ve often hesitated explaining concepts from Africa’s oral traditions in writing because they shouldn’t be intellectualized, but danced. I was taught music theory from a western perspective where music and dance are separate “intellectual” categories (& academic departments), and it’s the norm to transcribe sound to the written page with the technology of notation. I came to realize that this represented an abstractional worldview, and I wanted to find a language that might return us to oral tradition’s organic ways of being. Hence my “oral-aesthetic perspective”…

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