Water Bearers & New Age Libations

“When the moon is in the 7th House… And Jupiter aligns with Mars… Then peace will guide the planets… And love will steer the stars… This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…” [Lyrics from “Age of Aquarius” by the 5th Dimension, 1969].

Humanity is said to be currently moving to its new astrological Age – an event which happens roughly every 2,000-plus years. We’re living through a transitional period in which there’s a shift away from Pisces and out of the Christian or Common Era [CE]. Planets are realigning towards Aquarius, the next of twelve zodiac constellations, causing a corresponding shift/alignment in human consciousness. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces is believed to represent the struggle between spirit and matter which has aligned and trapped human potential in unnatural and oppressive industrial systems of control and regulation: the media, banks, academia, government, entertainment, war, religion, etc. Though Pisces has many positive qualities, humanity is said to have been manipulated through an elite cabal’s predatory and parasitic energies which have characterized the era as one of celebrity worship, misinformation, exploitation, prejudice, corruption and greed.

Aquarius, on the other hand, represents the spiritual water bearer whose abundant libations pour directly into the material world from above rather than through the self-interested agendas of such elites and their religious, political, educational, entertainment, etc. industries. Illusions of separation and lack are exposed for what they are along with the parasitic creators and enforcers of the deceptive 3-dimensional [3D] world they created to arrest and exploit human potential. Humanity’s transition from Pisces is one of detoxing from this 3D programming of polarization as we enter into a higher frequency which affirms our inseparability from the creative force and sacred spirit. It flows through and connects all, like water – the collective unconscious and source of life itself. In BaNtu culture, we regard this way of being in the world as UbuNtu – libation which nurtures spiritual and ancestral consciousness in its meaning: “I am because we are.” African women are the primordial water-bearers, their external containers symbolizing humanity’s womb. The waters at the source of the Nile are also referred to in Kiswahili as ‘Maziwa Mkuu,’ meaning ‘great milk’ – a spiritual recognition of the Milky Way flowing as the heavenly river on earth which blossomed gloriously in ancient times as Khemet.

The official date assigned to the beginning of the Aquarian Age varies, e.g.: November 11th, 2011 [11/11/11]; December 21st, 2012 [ref: Mayan calendar prophecy]; January 7th, 2018 [per the alignment prophesied in the 1969 5th Dimension song, Age of Aquarius, ref: this link]; or, according to others, at the conclusion of the bible’s prophesied 400-year period of bondage for God’s chosen in “a strange land” [served since 1619 in America by enslaved Africans]. This New Age shift from Pisces to Aquarius coincides with the Christian expectation of the ‘Rapture’ – an ‘End Times’ event involving the Messiah’s Return to establish a Heaven on earth, envisioned by patriarchal thinkers without consideration of any divine feminine ‘co-Messiah/Creator’ role [UbuNtu] as nature nevertheless testifies. In New Age thought, ‘End Times’ means the end of constructed/linear 3D time and begins the ushering in of a period in which humanity is collectively enabled to ascend to 5D living without artificial ‘time’ constraints. 

The 3D-programming of this ‘matrix’ system has essentially blocked humanity from the higher dimensions or levels of consciousness to which it could ascend. African cultures have always recognized humanity’s multi-dimensional reality and potential, even though slavery and colonialism placed us – and hence the rest of humanity – in the dense, traumatic 3D “operating system” where duality, judgment, prejudice, fear and lack are manipulated by an elite few. Space-time-gravity, the dimensions humanity is programmed to limit its awareness/experience of reality to are further controlled through the 3D system’s fictional, linear, and hierarchic ‘paradigm of progress.’ This is a paradigm of discrimination and marginalization which programs humanity with messages such as “later is better” and “the conqueror is superior to the conquered.” At least as far back as 1400 BCE, Khemetic proverbs from the Luxor Temple fore-warned: If the Master teaches what is error, the disciple’s submission is slavery. If he teaches truth, this submission is ennoblement… The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.” 

End Times preachings have, as mentioned above, been interpreted by New-Agers as the inevitable falling-away of this alienating 3Dimensional construct because of its incompatibility with humanity’s current shift into the higher, 5th Dimensional Age of the Water Bearerfor Afro-futurists, a journey back to the future. The 4th Dimensional bridge between 3D and 5D is where moments of spiritual-awakening and heart-opening (self-recognition, joy, gratitude, love…) begin to occur, facilitating a deepening perspective of the non-linearity of time in the trajectory to higher realms of consciousness. Free from hierarchic, linear and dense Euro-patriarchal 3D constraints, the malleability of time and the sense of always being present allows for quicker manifestations as one evolves into the 5th Dimensional frequency that many understand as “Heaven on Earth” – AKA the New Aquarian Age. It’s said that there’s no anger, hostility, fear, suffering, hunger, guilt, poverty or sense of separation in this 5th Dimension where love, compassion, peace, abundance, and spiritual wisdom prevail. It’s further believed that telepathic communication is the enabled norm. Among other things, people’s mastery over thoughts in this Age of Aquarius/New Age include the ability to manifest and make them become reality as their direct connection to the Divine and Africa-centered sense of UbuNtu is restored.

Contrary to the 3D regard of their task as ‘menial,’ water bearers are emblematic of New Age light-workers, often balancing water-pots on their heads like symbolic crowns. Custodians of cultural folkways, these African icons anchor frequencies of traditional consciousness which are less restrictive in their connectedness to nature’s complex and organic dimensions. Unlike the 3D mandate to sever from, subdue and control nature, water bearers are co-creators within this natural alliance in which the Divine Feminine is the organic source and portal to life and human ascension. Her progressively higher frequencies are dynamically embodied within nature. With knowledge of self as a pre-requisite, Afro-futurist  shamans can tap into these higher realms of nature’s elements. As proverbs from the Luxor Temple advise: “The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is nature… The kingdom of Heaven is already within you; if you understand yourself you will find it.”  The African cosmology is filled with records of human accomplishments and spiritual wisdom prior to 3D containment [slavery, colonialism, apartheid…], and our cultural resources, communication and practices intentionally keep those ancestral records alive on humanity’s behalf, often as ‘art-for-life’s-sake.’ The machinations of 3D imperialist-capitalist elites and their industries of appropriation compromise our knowledge-systems, and our access to and maintenance of these resources – referred to as Akashic Records by some.

Akashic Records – the ‘Book of Life’ – exist in the etheric and natural realms as living fields of energy comprising every emotion, thought, word and action of each individual’s life journey. Akashic Records are intended to be read during a person’s earthly sojourn in order for them to access life lessons and assistance in evolving from negative karmic energies; to nurture understanding and enactment of the soul’s original intent; to uplift humanity; and ultimately return to oneness with Source-God. The process of remembering, understanding, and connecting with truth/light frees humanity from states of low 3D frequencies and karmic triggering, inauthentic living, etc. and brings us into higher levels of consciousness and being in the world. A key to the Akashic Records exists in the traditional African art-for-life’s-sake practice which derives from the cultural consciousness and custodianship role of our beings as co-creators. Art-for-life’s-sake is intended to aid in each community member’s journey of seeking, enlightenment, ancestral and spiritual reparation and nurturing. As stated in one of our quintessential Akashic resources: “People need images. Lacking them they invent idols. Better then to found the images on realities that lead the true seeker to the Source.” [Luxor Temple Proverb]

Goddess Auset is this Akashic Record‘s image of the ‘true seeker’ who must search a 3D wilderness [African Diaspora created through slavery, colonialism, apartheid…] for the pieces of her murdered husband Ausar, Khemet’s beloved King of kings. According to their mythological record, Ausar was killed and mutilated by Set [god of the desert/wilderness, chaos, foreign oppression, violence…] in his evil coup for the throne of Khemet. Auset and Ausar represent the Divine Counterpart relationship, one which occurs within highly advanced souls whose union and creative powers are destined with a special purpose for humanity. As divine consorts, the African goddess/queen and her god/king represent complementary energies that explain and necessitate each other and, from their higher vibration as Divine Counterparts, inform the structure and harmonious workings of the universe. The Aquarian Age attests to the success of their transcendent love collapsing the false 3D matrix, re-birthing itself through the current chaos to anchor a holistic 5D+ New Age filled with the abundant life-forces of the sacred Nile River and its mystical Water Bearer. Auset~Ausar represent the kingdom of Heaven‘s power of love intention to overcome the 3D love of power, their energies as Divine Counterparts vibrating at the higher frequencies needed to peacefully guide the planets… steer the stars… and pour libations from humanity’s Source. ❤

21 Comments on “Water Bearers & New Age Libations

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  10. Here is the dream i had in March 2020. I decided not to edit – instead present as it unfolded.

    “We (My oldest twin daughter and I) spotted him walking two children back to their room – while I was driving a car backwards to get out of a tight spot between two buildings . We made a right and was able to get back to the street – but we had to see
    who these children were so we walked back to the area.

    That’s when he gave the “warning”. I’m not sure if it was a warning because I don’t have emotions in my dreams so I just listened

    We were in an ethnic neighborhood in a large city because there were a lot of “bazaars” set up in each building … i remember My ex-husband walking across an elevation with the children because we were standing a bit lower than them.

    “Watch out for the woman with the turban and her head in the bowl” – ( I thought like bobbing for apples) Mark said, as he was dressed in blue as a police officer/ security guard – who had just ushered two children back to a room. i’m not sure why he was working as a guard (ian) but there he was tall and handsome “

    • Wow, sis! I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain why this dream you shared spoke to me today of all days… While writing my next post I wondered why the sun travels in reverse of the zodiac (which I’d broken down into the elements: earth, fire, air, & water). There you were reversing ‘to get out of a tight spot between 2 buildings’… That became my thesis: In order to move forward out of the tight spot others have put us in, we must return to the source & re-member ourselves (sankofa)… especially in this new age of aquarius (air) whose symbol is the water-bearer. Your twintuition (ubuntu) is on point, sis… possibly because you actually brought twins (gemini) into the world 🤗 I’ve always been fascinated by that special life bond. Growing up I lived next door to a family with 3 sets of twins, and had an uncle who would only eat “twin bananas” when he came to visit. He was a geneticist who was manifesting his future twin son & daughter the Bantu way… LOL. Thanks much for sharing. Glad this post spoke to you 🙏🏾 Blessings & Peace 🕊️ M

      • And there it is! I’m so thankful and grateful to have found you and your illuminating work! Google did its dang thing that day, lol!

        I remember when I carried my oldest – my friend said, “you are protected because you have four eyes to see.” I never thought about the additional 4 eyes until now 😅 – Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom of this new age. We need more of you! And through writing, lecturing and teaching you’ve made a way to “clone” yourself! Sis, wishing you a happy Gregorian New Year. May blessings, peace and love continue to surround and keep you. ✨✨✨~M

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  13. I was searching an African perspective on this subject and This teaching resonnate whith me 100%
    Many thanks
    From an afrocaraibean descent

    • Greetings, AfroCarib fam! It means a lot to learn that this Africa-centered twist on the incoming Age of Aquarius resonates with you @Marie-Helene… Thank you! ☮️ M

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