Motif: Jazz

CSQUARE Jazz – Born in Congo Square (New Orleans), jazz is considered America’s quintessential and greatest art form. Its orally grounded modes of discourse demonstrate a working “art-for-life’s-sake” model of democracy with the capacity for dialogue which reflects and respects difference. Jazz flowered in Harlem [NY], among other places, in the 1920’s – a cultural renaissance period known by its oral-aesthetic signature, the ’Jazz Age’ – defining a new era of civil discourse through Black Pop Music….


4 Comments on “Motif: Jazz

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  2. Hey queen! How you been? Just wanted to make sure you’re doing okay. I tried to email you but I lost your email address. I know things getting crazy right now. But we have to stay level headed. And can’t live in fear. That’s how they want us to react. We must be smart in these uncertain times. I hope you’re doing well. Peace and blessings ❤️

    • Hi king! I’m good… Just emailed you. Your update lifted my spirits. It’s always good to hear from you in any event. Stay well, level-headed, fearless, hi-vibe & safe 🙂 That’s what’s up ❤

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