Thy Crown

9 Comments on “Thy Crown

    • Greetings, @Grace Burton 🙂 On behalf of the ancestral realm from where our guidance, wisdom and “ubuntu” free-quency come, I give thanks that you stopped by to raise the vibration! Welcome fam ❤️

    • Asante sana, king ❤ Your kind words remind me: "Images are nearer reality than cold definitions" [proverb from Amun~Mut temple]. I'm well… Sending you vibes from the Lions Gate portal and wishing us all the best during this Galactic New Year 🦁 ❤ 🦁

  1. I’m a Leo. So trust me I know all about the Lions gate portal 😊

    • Awesome… No wonder! Some of my favorite people in the world are Leos 🦁 Ya’ll anchor a powerful vibration for the rest of us mortals, especially during your season. Keep it high, King & Happy Solar Return!!! ❤

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