July 4th, 1776 – a day when America declared its Independence from British colonial rule under King George III – is celebrated annually as America’s official birthday. Astrologers have been mulling over this date in much the same way as they would over an individual client’s birth chart, in anticipation of the planetary return of Pluto in 2022. Often described as God of Death and Rebirth, Pluto is regarded in western astrology as Lord of the Underworld. Located at the edge of our solar system, Pluto will return for the first time – on February 22nd, 2022 – to the exact same position it was in during America’s “birth” in 1776, following completion of the planet’s full 246-year cycle. To astrologers, this Pluto Return has profound implications in terms of its attitude and behavior towards America’s realizing of promises. It’s an anticipated Judgment Day of sorts.

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What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? Frederick Douglass asked during a speech he delivered in New York on July 5th 1852 to the Rochester Ladies’ Anti-Slavery Society. Douglass, an Abolitionist and champion of women’s equality, was pointing out the incompatibility of the continuing existence of slavery with the fundamental claim in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.” In the initial draft of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, now credited with its authorship and himself an owner of 600 enslaved Africans on his Monticello plantation in Virginia, had condemned the warfare of the Christian king of Great Britain,” King George III, for forcing the evils of slavery and its assemblage of horrors” onto the American colonies:

“He has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation hither.”

Jefferson’s contradiction did not escape the notice of English Abolitionist Thomas Day, who in 1776 wrote: “If there be an object truly ridiculous in nature, it is an American patriot, signing resolutions of independence with the one hand, and with the other brandishing a whip over his affrighted slaves.” Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s Founding Fathers, went on to become #3 in America’s presidential lineage.

Frederick Douglass elaborated on his rhetorical question about July 4th: “I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice & cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty & heartless; your denunciations of tyrants, brass fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty & equality, hollow mockery; your prayers & hymns, your sermons & thanksgivings, with all your religious parade, & solemnity, are, to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, & hypocrisy – a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages.”

For similar reasons, I question astrological forecasting that is blind to and silent on the Africa-centered origins, spiritual Mysteries, key figures (gods, goddesses, & others), natural and cultural resources that were colonized in entitled Eurocentric mindsets as false universal-narratives that are now showcased and trafficked from western platforms as thinly-veiled propagandizing of white supremacy. I ask: What, to humanity, is your Pluto [aka ‘Plato’]? If “Pluto” – a Romanized version of Hades, in turn the Greek version of Kmt/ancient Egypt’s God Ausar [c2300BCE] – is forecast to make its first ever return to America’s 1776 “birthday” set-points on 2/22/22, whose concerns is this God of Death and Rebirth purportedly returning to champion in his homo-social, Uranus-aligned, colonial/”trickster“/shadow version? Frederick Douglass’s question cannot possibly receive a worthy answer from a country that shamelessly curates a key part of Ausar’s archetypal Mystery after American slaveholder-(since-age-11)-turned-first-president and Founding Father, George Washington.

The Washington Monument is to America what the Vaticano and Lateran Obelisks (amongst other misplaced tkhns) are to Rome – stolen symbols belonging to a spiritual Mystery that was co-created in humanity’s African origins and is yet unfolding in the global theater. Ausar, ruler of Kmt and principal archetype of the Divine Masculine had his successful reign cut short by his jealous and predatory “brother,” Set god of the desert, plague, illness, chaos, violence & foreign oppression. Set murdered Ausar, and usurped humanity’s ancient heaven-on-earth throne after scattering the 14 mutilated pieces of Ausar’s body abroad – heinous acts which are understood to represent BIPOC-/-Africa’s experiences under Set’s oppressive systems of genocide, slavery, colonialism, apartheid, imperialism, etc. A search-and-recovery mission was undertaken by Auset, Ausar’s bereaved widow, who managed to find only 13 of her husband’s 14 scattered pieces which she had mummified. She then sought Divine intervention to posthumously conceive Ausar’s child. Heru – who was thereby immaculately conceived – grew up to fight Set for the restoration of heaven-on-earth’s rightful leadership of Kmt. Meanwhile, Ausar’s missing 14th piece – architecturally symbolized by the tkhn/obelisk – reminds us of the yet-to-be-resolved Mystery of Africa’s archetypal Lord of the Underworld and God of Death and Resurrection, who was also referred to as the Bull of Eternity [later “Taurus”].

Like Barbados in recent times, Eurocentrically-constructed African countries too had their “birthdays” of Independence from the predatory and parasitic powers who’d gathered in 1884 Berlin to divvy up humanity’s Motherland and resources amongst themselves. Is the thievery, exploitation, and crass display of her symbols and artifacts in the foreign settings of her now-neocolonial oppressors meant to confuse and persuade Auset to blindly believe the fallacy that all roads (spiritual, cultural, intellectual, political, economic…) will inevitably and forever lead to/from plutocratic western capitals? Should all roads lead to Rome? Should humanity be wary of any gifts Pluto may come bearing on 2/22/22, coincidentally the birthday anniversary of George Washington [#1 – b.1732 in colonial Virginia]? In current times, the Trumpism of #45 has wearied most reasonable people with its rebranded and still brutish version of racist & sexist “othering,” though many remain unaware of the ideological lineage linking the cult‘s toxic and provably false narratives-of-power to ancient Kmt’s archetypal antagonist, Set – usurper of heaven-on-earth’s throne.

Amongst our sacred custodians, ancestors and mother-queens, I RECEIVE the profound insight of ‘S/Heru’ Anna Julia Cooper, who in 1892 declared: “Only the black woman can say ‘when and where I enter, in the quiet, undisputed dignity of my womanhood, without violence and without suing or special patronage, then and there the whole …race enters with me.” 

Amongst our sacred custodians, ancestors and father-kings, I RECEIVE the wisdom of ‘Heru’ Frederick Douglass who, in his 1888 speech before the International Council of Women, in Washington DC, declared: “When a great truth once gets abroad in the world, no power on earth can imprison it, or prescribe its limits, or suppress it. It is bound to go on till it becomes the thought of the world. Such a truth is woman’s right to equal liberty with man. She was born with it. It was hers before she comprehended it. It is inscribed upon all the powers & faculties of her soul, & no custom, law or usage can ever destroy it. Now that it has got fairly fixed in the minds of the few, it is bound to become fixed in the minds of the many, & be supported at last by a great cloud of witnesses, which no man can number & no power can withstand.”

Indeed, I even RECEIVE the sacred Mystery of words found in the bible: Return, return, O Shulamite; Return, return, that we may look upon Thee! What would you see in the Shulamite, as it were the dance of the two camps? [SoS 6:13 NKJV] Hold fast what you have, that no one may take Thy Crown. [Rev 3:11 NKJV]

Amun 🦋🦋🦋 Blessed Be ❤ 

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  1. Thank you. Blessed Be. 💓🖤💚
    Sis, I can’t help but read this while witnessing how Mother Nature is moving through the world, clearing and cleaning all She deems to change. Mother Nature never asks permission to move – SHE moves..

    • Absolutely, Sis! Blessed Be our sacred Mothership – a bountiful & sentient body who’s not hesitant about showing us her fierce side after being controlled, subdued, exploited, & generally taken for granted. Much Respect, Gratitude, Praise… & Prayers for Tonga 🙏🏾💓☮️ M

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