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Never was I more certain of how out of synch much of my academic programming was with my real life than when none other than Michael Jackson paid me a visit on March 23rd, 2010. By then I’d earned a BA [summa cum laude] in Music Ed; MA in ethnomusicology; and a PhD in African-American Studies. With each incremental step, I’d tried to find synchronicity between the ‘university’ and the BaNtu ‘universe’ which had authored my Shero’s Journey. MJ had been a catalyst. How that visit became manifest nine months after his physical transition has been an ongoing source of wonder for me. However, as I came to learn over time, the real question for me was not ‘how’… but ‘why’? My years of reflection and research have revealed the powerful ancestral through-line which has kept the African Diaspora connected through a unity-conscious culture of UbuNtu – as in “you’re just another part of me…” [1988] The codes that reconnect us to our higher timelines and organic truths have all along been in the safekeeping of a greater uni-verse as we individually sort out which special piece of the puzzle we are. As King of Pop, MJ made HIStory. This is my story…



Born largely in Congo Square, African-American popular music has captivated, cultivated and transformed human imagination the world over while sustaining and driving forward communal narratives on its own culturally-centered terms. Such is the evidence of the communication potentials, mandates and aesthetic motifs of transformational African oral traditions which survived the Middle Passage. My own journey through MJ’s music is only one iteration of the CALL-RESPONSE oral-aesthetic motif, whereas the creation of jazz [amongst other popular genres] would be other iterations of the same cultural motif’s impacts upon American society and the world. I use seven oral-aesthetic motifs to teach about Black popular music and evaluate their transformative impacts upon society from an Africa-centered perspective: UBUNTU; MOJO; CALL-RESPONSE; JAZZ; MASQUERADE; TALKING DRUM; and KINETIC ORALITY. Each stands on its own merits as a speaking topic, or may be taught alongside other oral-aesthetic motifs as a full academic curriculum on Black Popular Music [SEE “CURRICULUM” TAB]. Furthermore, these culturally-sensitive motifs have been sought after for their impact-potential in development arenas around the world. I’ve brought this perspective to successful collaborations with national and international organizations and projects in community arts, humanities, public health, nursing, media, communication, and entertainment.




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